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Manufacturer and pattern names inventory page of vintage silver flatware and storage chests, canteens, specials, in sterling and silver plate for replacement. Forks, knives, spoons, serving pieces, ladles, pie servers, meat forks, carving sets, storage chests, canteens. 1776, Abington, Alouette, Alvin, Allure, Apollo-France, Ancestry, Anitra sterling 1936, Art Nouveau, Beethoven, Chase, Chateau 1934, Cheltenham, Cheshire 1925, Copenhagen, Court 1939, Empress 1969, Ercuis, Fair Oak aka Oak 1913, Fashion Lane, Flirtation, Floral Queen, Guildart, Louis XV, Louis XVI, EPNS, Melchior, Fritz Voos, Jenny Lind, Weidlich, Marthinsen, Martin, Manchester, Benedict Mfg. Co. aka Imperial, Imperial Queen, Empire Silver Co., Lunt, Monarch Silver Co., Par Plate, Reliance Plate, Sectional, Senate Silver Plate Nassau 1938, Stratford Silver Co., Towle, Viceroy One aka Lady Fair, Viceroy NTS8, Loraine 1913, Madison, Majestic 1928, Malibu, English John Biggin Ltd. Sheffield, Balmoral, Lancashire Lily, Meriden, Meridan, NYM Co. New England Silver Plate, Nobility Plate, 1847 Rogers Bros., 1881 Rogers, Diamond Silver Company Inauguration, Dubarry, Embassy Silver Plate, Blenheim, Bouquet Embassy, Bouquet Vendome, Gorham Silver Company Cavalier, Heraldic, Heritage 1953, Heritage, Invitation, Napoleon, New Elegance, New Gadroon, Reed & Barton Emperor aka Golden Crown 1969-1989, Francis I 1907-2015, Denmark, Dresden Rose, Old London, Parthenon Elite 1985-2006, Silver Majesty, Tiger Lily, WMF Paris, WMF Rom, Wisteria 1966, National Silver Company, Guildcraft, Astrid, Concerto, NSCO Four, Fourteen, Six, King Edward, Martinique aka Lady Beautiful, Monarch Plate Two, Moss Rose, Rose and Leaf, Rogers, American Silver Company, 1857 World Brand, International Silver, Adam-NSC, Adoration, Alhambra, Ambassador, American Victorian, Ancestral, Anniversary Rose, April, Arbutus, Avalon Cabin, Avon, Becket, Beloved, Berkshire, Beverly Manor, Brandon, Bright Future, Bridal Wreath, Burgundy aka Champagne, Camelot Harvest, Clayborne 1929, Caprice, Carlton 1898, Chalice Harmony Jasmine, Carmen, Camille, Chaumont Longchamps, Celebration, Chablis, Chadwick, Chalfonte, Clarion, Classic 1925, Classic Filigree, Coin Silver, Corona, Cotillion, Daffodil, Danish Princess, Danish Queen, Daisy 1910, Daybreak, Elegant Lady, Embassy Bouquet, DeSancy Roseland, Desire, Elite, Embossed 1882, Eternally Yours, Exquisite, Fantasy 1941, Fidelis, First Lady, First Love, Flair, Flight, Floral Bouquet aka Silver Bouquet, Silver Clarette, Flower de Luce Fleur de Luce, Fortune Rose, Gaiety, Gay Adventure, Gardenia, Golden Centennial, Gracious, Grecian 1915, Interlude, Holiday 1951, Jewel, Highlands 1994-2013, Kings 1900, 1977, 1985, Jewell 1916, Jubilee 1953, Lady Densmore aka Woodland Rose aka Basque Rose, Lady Doris Princess, La France, Lancaster, La Viola 1912, Leilani, Louisiane, Lovelace, Lovely Lady, La Rose, Lufberry Americana, Margate aka Arcadia, Manhattan 1932, Manhattan 1951, Marquise, Mary Lou aka Devonshire, Masterpiece, Mayfair, Meadowbrook Heather, Meadow Flower, Melody, Modern Baroque, Modern Scroll, Mountain Rose, Mystic, Mystic aka Coronet, Newton aka Raleigh, Oak aka Royal Oak, Oakland, Paris, Park Lane aka Chatelaine aka Dowry 1957, Plain, Personality, Plaza 1950, Precious, Precious Mirror, Prelude 1939 sterling, Presentation, Primrose, Princess Elizabeth 1942, Priscilla Lady Ann, Princess Royal, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Cromwell 1915, Crown Silver Plate, Radiance, Reflection 1939, Reflection 1959, Remembrance, Rochambeau, Romford, Roberta, Rosedale I, Rose and Scrolls aka NTS 25, Royal Pageant aka Desire 1937, Royal Saxony, Royal York Oakleigh, Inheritance 1941, Inspiration Magnolia, Grand Elegance Southern Manor, Guild Cadence, Her Majesty, Sea Spray, Southern Splendor, Holmes & Edwards, Sovereign, Spring Charm, Spring Garden, Sir Galahad, Supreme Silver Plate, Continental, Concept, Talisman, Triumph, Victoria II, Victorian Rose, World Tableware, Yale I, York, Yorktown, Oneida, Oneida Silversmiths, Ballad aka Country Lane, Baronet, Baroque Rose, Brookwood Banbury, Community, Noblesse, Bordeaux, Prestige, Coronation, Croydon Mary Lee, Del Mar, Distinction, Elaine, Enchantment 1985-2000, Enchantment aka Gentle Rose, Evening Star, Floral II, Fredericksburg, Garland 1910, Garland 1965, Garland-Rapture, Grenoble, King Cedric, King James 1985-2012, Marigold Elizabeth, Milady, Moonlight, Morning Star, Patrician, Plantation, Queen Bess I, Old Colony, Ramona-Lakewood-Brentwood, Regal Silver Plate RLS2, Rendez-Vous Old South, Old South II, Olive, Orleans, Oxford, Reverie, Royal Danish, Royal Grandeur, Royal Rose, Scandinavia, Segovia, Shell 1860, Silhouette, Silver Artistry, Silver Fashion, Silver Renaissance, Silver Valentine, Silver Willow, Simplicity,Skyline Skycrest, Skyward 1963, Deerfield, South Seas, Starlight 1950, Starlight 1953, Staunton Hill Paul Bocuse, Stuart 1899, Swedish Franska Liljan, Gammal Fransk, Sylvia, Thor, Ultra, Vanessa Francesca, Vanity Fair, Vernon Ashley, Victorian Classic, Vintage, Westminster, White Orchid, Whiting Division, Winsome I, Vogue, Wakefield, Wallace, Harmony House, Rose Point, Rosepoint, Winfield, Wallace Ultra, IS Ultra 1938, Wood Rose, woodrose, Nils Johan, Sweden. Silver Care Tips. No monograms. Online Purchase, PayPal, Credit Cards, worldwide shipping, shopping info.

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Very Satisfied with Liz Silverware

by Anoniem on

We were using sterling for parties, and irritated by occasional losses and the need to count down pieces. We discovered that Liz offers International Deepsilver, which we use everyday, as individual pieces. Cost is moderate, service is fast, and pieces are new or like new. We ordered salad forks and teaspoons. We use it for parties. No worries.

Nice items!

by Anoniem on

I was delighted when I received my purchase. It was sent quickly, well packaged and in mint condition for being vintage. I couldn't be happier and will be purchasing more items in the future!

Excellent quality/service

by Anoniem on

Liz's vintage I found to be honest, excellent quality and I'd buy from her again!

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