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Yachtbits.com is a family run business selling a wide variety of Marine Electronics Equipment. We stock the major brands of Marine Navigation & GPS Systems.

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Worst after sales service I've ever met. Lamentable

by Anoniem on

The item (AIS transceiver) purchased arrived on time, but I had trouble to introduce the static data on it. The same day I recieved the unit, I wrote an email explaining my situation. The answer was they were closed by holidays for two weeks. I realised that the manufacturer was based very close so I contact them. They were really kind, and after trying to fix it without success I decided to return the device to the seller. I let them know with another email, as they were still closed by holidays. After their holidays I wrote them again explaining everything, because I hadn't had answer. Apparently they were busy answering all the other emails. One more day and they answered that I couldn't return the unit because I tried to install it, and moreover I had started actions with the manufacturer. I asked them to reconsider their position repeatedly and I have not received further answer. How could I know that the unit was not going to work without installing it? What else could I do to solve the problem if the seller was closed by holidays and the after sales service is 100% interrupted? Honestly lamentable.

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